Quantum Pulse Machine Testimonials

Lloyd - Male, Age 45, Cottage Grove, MN

Symptoms: I was diagnosed in November, 2002 with pancreatic cancer I underwent radiation and chemotherapy until March, at which time I was told the tumor had grown and that the cancer had spread to my lung, lymph nodes and liver. My condition was then rated at stage 4 (the most serious stage of cancer).

Testimonial: After 5 days of Quantum Pulse sessions I returned to MN and underwent a CAT scan. The tumors had ceased to grow for the first time and some had actually shrunk as much as 25%. I returned 2 more times to CO for 1-week sessions. I recently purchase a Quantum Pulse machine and use it regularly. Lloyd's sister called to update us on 5/2/2003: Lloyd had a test where they insert a scope/camera down his throat and found that the tumor has turned from black to white (which is positive).

Female, Age 4, Greely, CO

Symptoms: Motor skills disorder that effects speech

Testimonial by grandmother: After the first 30-second session this little girl, who had not been able to form a sentence told the technician "Thank you Lady". The entire family, who came with the child to the session, was astounded that she spoke so clearly and actually formed a real sentence. Upon coming for the second session, the Stepmother of the child said her speech therapist said: "I don't know what you guys are doing for her, but keep it up!"

Larry, Male, Age 52, Cheyenne, CO

Symptoms: Had large wart of finger of left hand for years, muscle fatigue, mid-back

Testimonial: After one 3-minute session, the wart was reduced by 90%. I feel this is a virus and if the machine can do this, it can certainly help my system internally. I'm bringing my friends tomorrow.

Reitman, Male, Age 50, Miami, FL

Symptoms: Prostrate Cancer, iristis (burning eyes), chronic neck pain for years

Testimonial: After five days of Quantum Pulse sessions, the burning in my eyes and neck pain disappeared. The symptoms of my prostate cancer were greatly improved. I also passed a very large parasite.

Jake (M.D.), Male, Age 37, Boulder, CO

Symptoms: No physical symptoms noted

Testimonial: I was very impressed with my time in front of the Quantum Pulse machine. After one 3-minute session I felt better than I have in my life and it lasted for a full week. I'll be back!

Tom, Male, Age 44, Boulder, CO

Symptoms: Snoring

Testimonial by wife: Tom used to keep me awake every night with his chronic snoring. After the first 2-minute Quantum Pulse session I was finally able to get some sleep. I'll be back!

Dee, Female, Age 38, Denver, CO

Symptoms: High concentration of heavy metals in system

Testimonial: After two months of Quantum Pulse sessions I had a blood test that showed the concentration of heavy metals in my system had decreased by 75%. I have made no other changes in my diet or taken any treatment.

Cheri, Female, Age 28, Greely, CO

Symptoms: Large goiter on Thyroid Gland

Testimonial: I went for an examination by my physician after four 1-minute sessions with the Quantum Pulse machine. The large lump was completely undetectable.

Christine, Female, Age 35, Greely, CO

Symptoms: Migraine Headaches and not sleeping well

Testimonial: I was taking Midrin, about a bottle of Advil per week and Tylenol PM to help me sleep. After eight 1-minute sessions I have quit taking both medications and I'm sleeping normally. I feel like a new person and I'm so grateful to have found the Quantum Pulse machine.

Theresa, Female, Age 35, Greely, CO

Symptoms: Lupus

Testimonial: I had 75% less shaking after four 1-minute sessions and I can sleep through the night now.

Ingrid, Female, Age 44, Boulder, CO

Symptoms: Chronic back pain due to an auto accident in 1996 and not sleeping well

Testimonial: After my first 1-minute session I slept through the night and felt refreshed the next morning. After three 1-minute sessions, my back pain is gone for the first time in six years. My friends have commented that I'm back to my old self and seem really "up" and happy.

Peggy, Female, Age 50, Carlton, MO

Symptoms: After a biopsy diagnosed by physician with breast cancer in July 2002

Testimonial: I purchased my Quantum Pulse machine in July 2002. I had 2 lumps in my right breast, one nickel size, and one dime size. I also had several smaller lumps and lesions. I began using my machine one minute per day. Within 2 weeks, my energy level tripled. I went in for another cancer treatment and I'm glad I used this machine rather than having the radical mastectomy. In August I went in for a mammogram and they found my breasts free of cancer!

Brian, Male, Age 38, Carlton, MO

Symptoms: Constipation, arthritis, sleep difficulty and lack of energy

Testimonial: I tried the Quantum Pulse machine for three to four minutes and got miraculous results. I go to the bathroom regularly now, my joints quit hurting, I sleep like a baby and my energy level is up. This truly is an energy machine!

Gene, Male, Age 51, Greely, CO

Symptoms: Arthritis in joints, failing eyesight

Testimonial: I stood in front of the Quantum Pulse machine for one minute and I had noticeable results. I could get in and out of the car with no pain and also noticed my eyesight was better. Now I can read the newspaper without my glasses.

Chuck, Male, Age 64, Lafayette, CO

Symptoms: Diabetes, kidney problems and eye floater

Testimonial: I was supposed to go on dialysis 2 months ago or have a kidney transplant. My creatin level was at 25 (normal is between 1 and 1.7). I had 12 operations on my feet and lost all feeling in them. I have been on insulin for 10 years and have had special shoes made for me for over 2 years at a cost of $1200 a pair. My left leg had had an ulcer on the bottom sole, which I treat with medicated cream every night. I had 4 minutes in front of the Quantum Pulse machine and I immediately began to get feeling in my foot again for the first time in years. The first session, the floater in my eye disappeared. That night I had a huge human waste discharge. The next day my bowels were normal. My blood sugar has averaged between 140 and 170. Here is a list of my blood sugar levels for the last 5 days, 103, 97, 101, 87 and 81. I have great energy levels and can walk and stand much better. I'm more alert and really feel good. I also feel like the ulcer on my foot is getting smaller. My entire body had more strength!

Don, Male, Age 62, Johnstown, CO

Symptoms: Failing Eyesight

Testimonial: After six 1-minute sessions my eyesight has improved significantly.

Cloe, Female, Age 4 months, Greely, CO

Symptoms: Crying all the time, a Colic baby

Testimonial: After 30 seconds in front of the Quantum Pulse machine, Cloe will now sleep through the entire night without crying or awakening.

Aaron, Male, Age 18, Denver, CO

Symptoms: Diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis

Testimonial: After four Quantum Pulse sessions I had more energy and a general sense of well-being.

Muffin, Canine (Pug Breed), 12 years old, Greely, CO

Symptoms: Fluid in lungs

Testimonial: After several sessions with the Quantum Pulse machine, Muffin experienced noticeably less coughing and fluid build- up in her lungs.