The Birthing of a Yurt in St. Louis

Our newly constructed therapy space: A Yurt with an above-ground 12’ round warm-water pool.

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT

Architects, engineers and scientists know of the strength, stability and efficiency of a spherical shape – our earth, planets, the sun, a bird’s nest, a tree trunk, a reed of grass. So, it should come as no surprise that a circular building would be pleasing in many ways, not the least of which is its signature frequency. Add to this dimension water, also in the round, 95-degree temperatures, and the modalities of cranial sacral work, still point induction followed by Watsu (gentle holding and stretching) and what is experienced is the closest thing to heaven on all levels of our being.

Words fail to truly convey the depth and breadth of the soul feeling alive and well within the physical, and sometimes painful and injured, body. In fact, the very experience of this amazing healing frequency calms and restores the body past and through the many years or decades of trauma. Each visit, each session, only reinforces and further stabilizes the dearest wishes of the heart and emotions, for deep inner peacefulness throughout the body and mind. And this thought, wish and word become flesh, and the body and spirit heal together joyfully.

This work and this space have been growing within me for almost two decades, and being allowed to enter these sacred frequencies with another is the greatest honor and trust that I can possibly imagine. For me, it is also healing and joyful. For the receiver, they do not travel alone, and the powerful modalities that follow gently and naturally help the body to unwind while they are in a deeply altered state.

One client’s reflections:

Kathleen has created a sacred space here on earth. A place to hold love and light for the deepest healing. I have had the pleasure to be able to heal my body at such a profound level in this magical environment. As you enter into this healing water you become weightless. Your body floats gently on the water’s surface as you are fully supported by Kathleen’s gentle care, giving your body, mind and spirit the ability to completely relax and enter into the deepest states of meditation. The water gently enfolds your body, holding it warmly like a blanket. The gentle movements rock you into a sleep-like state, giving your mind the opportunity to connect with your body and spirit. Thoughts and images come into your mind, like the lost answers you have been looking for. The connection is deep as though the water was gently putting your broken body back together one cell at a time.

This work has been exceptionally special for me since my body has been so broken down for so many years. I have been sick for as long as I can remember and throughout the years, I have learned to tolerate excruciating pain from accidents and poor health. I had developed diseases such as fibromyalgia, low thyroid, ulcers, IBS, colitis, acid reflux and stage four cancer throughout my entire body. Not only was my body internally in great distress, I had ballooned out to over 300 pounds. I was a broken, dying being, with little life force left. I never thought my body could get to a state where it felt good and I could really start to LIVE my life. I never thought health for me was achievable, not in this life. My pain now is minimal, I have lost 140 pounds in a year and a half, I am down to five cancers in stages one, two and three, I work out everyday, I have more energy now in my late twenties than I ever did as a kid! If I had been asked two years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer whether I would be here today, I would have said no. But the miracle is that I am here today and my health is better than it has ever been. I feel alive and full of vibrance and passion to live! I truly believe this deep level of healing has brought my body back from the living dead, and for the first time in my life I can start living and enjoying my journey on this earth. Maria C.

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