Kaseeka Healing, Awakening and Activating the Whole of Body, Mind and Spirit

True healing takes place on many levels and dimensions, and is a process of understanding to be lived and experienced. Stepping into healing requires not only the body and senses, but cooperation with the mind, emotions and spirit.

Life on Earth is challenging, to say the least, and due to the influence of our families, genetics, society, work, school, the economy, politics, etc., it is surprising that anyone is balanced or harmonized as we were intended to be. As stress takes its toll, our chemistry changes. The peace and inner knowing that’s required for good, sound judgment and a strong, healthy body begins to disappear. As a result, we become even more confused, stressed, and in pain with inflammation. Self-medicating becomes our default and comfort. Though not healing, it will temporarily mask some of our problems.

Over the years of treating so many different people, I have discovered that therapies only for the body or only for the mind are not sufficient. Entering totally into the concerns of the body, mind, emotions and spirit is the only way to activate deep healing and awakening. For those who also enjoy the water, offering therapies in that medium clearly takes everything to another level easily, naturally and gently. Being weightless is just the beginning of comfort, as it allows the body to unwind in its own time and unique ways. Adding energy through the therapies of cranial sacral work and later with Watsu (large stretches), while also offering suggestions to the conscious and unconscious mind, and then taking promptings of what the entire system would like to address first, second and third, is a powerful process. In only one hour, we travel through decades of issues with astonishing new insights, integration, wisdom and grace.

For at least the past 10,000 years our culture has been very male-dominated in its approach to problem-solving and orientation. Consequently, both men and women lack the balance of whole brain activity, as well as integration of their male and female energies. So, about halfway into a session, we begin to work with those energies to call forth an awakening and new level of activity and perception perhaps never before experienced. At the close, many report feeling lighter, like they have been infused with heavenly energy, understanding and peace. I create a CD of each session, so the person may listen again and still again until they have the ability to hold this space longer, stronger with genuine stability.

An in-depth discussion of the male and females energies, the importance of both, and their integration within an individual has been the subject of thousands of books. However, I am not striving for an intellectual understanding, but a deep personal knowing and communication from the entire being of the person, which is what truly matters anyway. Until a person is able to fully engage and dance on that level, they are missing so much life, joy, and profound health & well-being. Fortunately, we do have a simple and wonderful way of accessing it.