Aquatic Rebirthing Breathwork

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT Aquatic Therapist

Rebirthing Breathwork is a process of saturating the entire body with oxygen through a deliberate and concentrated process of repetitive, continuous-flow breathing. It brings about youthing and transformational effects on a cellular level within the entire body. Cells and organ systems grow healthier with quicker metabolism, and not only age more slowly, but actually become younger. DNA repair and total rebalancing of all the systems throughout the body, including and/or especially the brain, is achieved with this simple method.

Rebirthing Breathwork is both powerful and gentle in the release of energy throughout the body, often touching physical and emotional wounds, with the total experience resulting in much higher energy, less pain, more inspiration, clearer thinking, and peacefulness.

Rebirthing Breathwork also builds the preliminary groundwork for the integration of the male and female energy within the body, an essential step toward cultivating inner peace and explosive creativity.

Your efforts are assisted by an experienced rebirther, who guides you and breathes with you while your energy expands, cleansing and nourishing your body and mind. All levels of your being are touched through this accelerated breathing.

Group sessions of Rebirthing Breathwork in a pool with 95-degree water are more ecstatic, grounded and integrative. Energy moves one hundred times more powerfully in water than on land, and the human diving response allows the body to utilize oxygen twenty-five times better underwater because of hydrostatic pressure. These two principles explain why Rebirthing Breathwork in water is such a dynamic and powerful form.

Our immortality gene can be restored and more fully activated through the infusion of our breath - our breath of life. The emotion and hallmak of the activated immortality gene is joy. Whatever would our world, our culture, and the human species look like with joy and gratitude as our primary emotions? Perhaps this is the secret of our human conscious evolution.

For more information on Rebirthing Breathwork classes please send email to or call The St. Louis Aquatic Healing Center at (314) 432-5228.