Chi Machine

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT

The Sun Harmony Chi Machine is a passive exercise massager that blends the ancient arts with modern technology for a unique massage experience. It maximizes the movement of the body which helps to provide prompt temporary relief from a wide range of issues.

  • Lack of exercise, Being Overweight

  • General Pain

  • Nervousness

  • Insomnia

  • Bad Circulation

  • Tired and Sore Muscles

  • Asthmas and Tracheal Inflammation

  • Poor Digestion and Constipation

  • Arthritis, Back Pain and Bone Spurs

  • Period Pains and Anemia

  • Many Chronic Conditions

The Chi Machine provides a full body massage, including internal organs and all body systems. In terms of body oxygenation, increased circulation, and release of blocked energy, 15 minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent to 90 minutes of walking, 60 minutes of body work, or 45 minutes of jogging. This is extremely valuable to those who through ‘age’ or physical limitations can’t exercise.

Because the ‘exercise’ massage is done lying down, in a relaxed position with all loads and stress off the spine and other body areas, maximum oxygenation and subsequent energy production is immediate and noticeable. Most people experience a deep sense of well-being and relaxation during the massage and a pleasurable to exhilarating feeling following the massage.

6 Major Benefits Derived from the Chi Machine

Cellular Activation: Massage stimulation to the Sympathetic Nervous System opens up the bronchioles to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs. Blood flow to and from the lungs is increased enhancing oxygen exchange from the lungs and blood and therefore to the body cells, to excite cellular metabolism.

Spinal Balancing: With the body relaxed in the lying position with no weight on the spine, the massage unit will influence a correction to certain conditions of misalignment. Such corrective action can in turn cure or alleviate complications arising in vertebrae joints from certain spinal misalignment.

Improving the Immune System: The Chi Machine stimulates globulin production which increases the immune system’s defense capacity thereby providing greater freedom from disorders and disease.

Blood Production: Blood is produced in the spleen and spinal bone marrow. Reduction of spleen’s blood production can arise from the spleen’s susceptibility to damage. The Chi’s action on the spine stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System which increases spinal ‘marrow’ blood production. Any form of anemia can be benefited by this massage action.

Balance to the Autonomic Nervous System: If the Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous Systems fail to ensure balance of function, insomnia, excessive dreaming, digestive problems, stomach pain, palpitation, anxiety, constipation, neurasthenia, & excessive forms of aches & pains as well as mental stress may surface. The Chi can restore the vital balance to the nervous system, resulting in restoration of health from such conditions.

Exercising Internal Organs: Ancient eastern traditions focus healing & good health on a life force energy (Chi), which flows in channels through all living forms. The Chi Machine aids in unblocking these pathways ensuring maximum flow of healing source through all body organs to restore normal or improved functioning to impaired organs and body systems.