Nutri-Energetics Systems - NES Therapy

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT

Welcome to the world of healing through quantum physics, quantum biology and quantum chemistry. Australian Peter Frasier, a former professor of acupuncture, has independently researched the structure of the human body-field and its bioenergetic dynamics for nearly 30 years. His theory has been applied in a clinical system which became available in the United States four years ago. Nutri-Energetics Systems® or NES® is a revolutionary application of bioenergetic science based on the concept of the “human body-field” or the quantum field of our body. The quantum field is information. It is information that contributes to the creation and functionality of our body. When information is distorted in our body-field, there may be a correlative effect in our physical body. During our lives toxins, shocks, traumas, electromagnetic influences, emotional issues, geopathic stresses, micro-organisms, allergens, etc. can cause significant distortions within our body-field. These distortions correlate to a compromise to the regulation processes which govern our life activities, and this may, in turn, manifest as physical symptoms.

The NES computer scan provides an instant assessment into the bioenergetic and informational recesses of your body-field. It analyzes and identifies which aspects of your body-field require attention. What Peter Fraser has discovered is that every human body wants to heal in the exact same sequence – the way the body was formed from the embryo. So beginning with correlations to the DNA/RNA, followed by the cells, nerves, circulation of blood and fluids, organs, meridians and all other systems, one may systematically and gradually, over several months to a year, correct the information field governing their body-field and so contribute to the restoration of well-being.

Some of the positive changes reported by clients following NES therapy are: more energy, better functionality, improved digestion, deeper and more restful sleep, improved skin condition, reduced pain and discomfort, greater mental clarity, calmer emotions, higher tolerance to stress and overall improved well-being.

Scanning the human body-field involves resting your hand on an input device that looks like a computer mouse. In seconds the assessment is complete. A comprehensive report details more than 140 factors concerning the bioenergetic correlations to body organs, acupuncture meridians, nervous system, digestive system, environmental toxins, nutrition status, emotional balance and joint issues.

The certified healthcare practitioner can then recommend the correct protocol of Infoceuticals®. Infoceuticals contain water and micro-quantities of plant-derived minerals whose subatomic structure has been encoded with information that corrects distortions to the body-field. Infoceuticals do not interfere with pharmaceuticals, herbs, supplements or other therapies you may be using.

For a more technical explanation, please refer to the NES website or view the “NES Explained” video at here.