A Care Package for Home Visitations

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT

Your primary intention is to bring comfort and relief to a loved one that is suffering or in distress. Several modalities can offer gentle and clear assistance, however, you need to be listening to the person’s body and sensing what the person is truly wanting in the moment. Creating a soothing and quiet environment with soft music, diffused oils, oil for foot and hand massage, and castor oil packs for pain can be among the basics. Technology has its place too, and a far-infrared lamp or laser pointer can be both comforting and reducing pain.

Recommended Music:

Amy Camie’s Harp Music (scientifically proven to rebalance the brain waves of cancer patients).

    • ‘A Space Within’

    • ‘New Love – Awaken to Yourself’

    • ‘Gossamer Wings’

    • ‘Love and Gratitude’

    • ‘The Magic Mirror

Difffused Oils:

Young Living Essential Oils

  • ‘Peace and Calming’

  • ‘Thieves’

Essential Oils for Shock or Seizures:

Young Living Essential Oils

  • ‘Sacred Mountain’ (crown chakra and back of neck)

  • ‘Joy’ (heart)

  • ‘Peace and Calming’ (umbilicus) especially for sleep

  • ‘Valor’ (feet or wrists)

Essential Oils for Foot or Hand Massage:

Young Living Essential Oils

  • Olive Gold

  • ‘Peace and Calming’

  • ‘Thieves’

  • Castor Oil Packs for pain

All items can be purchased from the St. Louis Aquatic Healing Center.