Accessing Holy, Sacred Realms while in an Aquatic Environment

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT Aquatic Therapist

"Nothing under the Heaven is more soft and yielding than water. Yet for eroding the hard and strong, nothing can surpass it." - Tao Te Ching

Energy moves in our bodies 100 times more powerfully in water than on land, i.e. an electric shock on land versus the same shock in water. It is our body's high electromagnetic conductivity in the water that makes all the difference. Interestingly, we also do not feel or sense pain as much in the water, and thanks to buoyancy and viscosity, we are able to move in ways that are literally impossible on land. These properties and more are what make aquatic therapy unique and an extremely powerful healing modality.

The temperature of the water is critical in achieving various results. In Watsu, a warm water shiatsu massage, skin temperature water is the most desired and beneficial, around 95 degrees. A comforting and deep state of relaxation is felt in all the muscle groups, as the body literally melts into the water. The client is then lifted and held by the practitioner while, very slowly, very gently, various stretches, yoga and tai chi moves, really a dance of movements, are commenced on the body. The eyes are closed and the ears are in the water and gradually this hypnotic state of being begins to release the body and mind in ways that are unspeakable, beyond words and thoughts. This profoundly altered state of being does not last for just a few moments, but for an extended period of time. Clients have commented that they escaped for a while, but the truth is, they returned home to who they really are. And the more you receive the work, the deeper and more profoundly you move into this state of being for a longer time.

It feels so heavenly, so unearthly, so peaceful and beautiful that all questions, concerns, and daily commitments and responsibilities simply are gone. Erased, like they never existed. You are restored and feel better than you have in years and years. You have entered the state of silence with the degree of a master meditator, though you may know nothing of meditation or accessing this deeply altered state. It can be addictive, on the other hand, you feel more ready and willing to participate in your life and in your world than ever before. There's a renewed sense of courage and understanding, inner strength and peacefulness that fills the entire body and mind. The less you can talk about it, the more I know that you have received it.

Physically, some interesting aspects are noticeable immediately. Since I'm also a massage therapist and do land-based work, when I'm working on a body on the table, the body generally feels about its correct age. Either it is in good tone or not, but nonetheless, it "feels" about the appropriate age. In the water, everything "feels" much different. The body returns to a child-like state of freshness, mobility, fluidity, and accessibility. It is truly amazing. The body, our divine child, "feels" truly lovely and ever so peaceful.