Reclaiming Your Soul: Part 1

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT

Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic practice which can be traced throughout history to indigenous cultures worldwide. Medicine men and women, shamans and monks have known that through the course of a person's life, accidents, illnesses, traumas of various types, and emotional wounds can contribute to what is termed "soul loss". Different peoples have developed sacred ceremonies, prayerful rituals or other processes or events to awaken the individual's consciousness of their loss and to begin the deliberate calling back or retrieval of their soul. The more profound or life-threatening the physical or emotional trauma, the greater the soul loss.

With each additional wound, the psychic/spiritual hole becomes larger, and we all know how nature abhors a vacuum. Self-medicating begins and becomes more intense. We are not given good coping skills for these invisible scars and tragedies, so seeking help from others who are also wounded and not healed can create a vicious circle. Talk therapy can only take someone so far, and that may require years and years. Addictions of every type and various combinations of them, sadly, become the norm. When the entire culture does it, and even celebrates it, what can one individual do? Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, caffeine, computer games, pornography, gambling, shopping, overspending, escaping through work, or illegal and criminal behavior, etc.-- In America we certainly have plenty of choices! And then the ultimate escape - multitasking addictions. "Run, run as fast as you can, you'll never catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!" Remember the childhood rhythm? So, there we have it in all its glory - our soul loss.

As "soul loss" is a physical as well as a mental, emotional and spiritual occurrence, all these aspects need to be involved during the recovery. Native American, Celtic and Tibetan traditions show strong similarities, both in the tools used and the methodology of application.

As I have studied and applied these principles over the years, several essential components have emerged. During the trauma or injury, the highest or purest frequency of the soul slips away. It is as though the event is so horrifying or terrible that the soul takes refuge in another space - like returning to play with the angels or retreating to a place of safety. When the individual decides to recall this aspect of his/her self, what may happen over the next several weeks, months or even years is that an inner glow will emerge, a softness, gentleness, gracefulness and refinement will be experienced, and visibly seen by others. A path of beauty and harmony will continue to grow and develop, and, at this time, the person may feel drawn to the creative arts to enliven and deepen the process.

Since soul work naturally involves energies that can be seen as otherworldly, it is important that the mediator or shaman have a working relationship with spirit guides or angels. Being a bridge between the two worlds and knowing the ropes, can make the journey not only successful, but also exciting, fun, joyful, peaceful, grounded, amazing and even miraculous. Non-ordinary time is intentionally entered, and one can feel quite disoriented after the process.

Shifts within the etheric field of a person can certainly be felt physically, but it is important to allow approximately two weeks after the process of soul retrieval for the new energies to become grounded and stable. One needs to be gentle and protective of oneself afterwards, since there is a wonderful feeling of openness, goodness, peacefulness, understanding and completeness that feels unshakeable. However, the profound shift that has happened within does not mean that it has also happened without.

The world will be the same, but the person is definitely different and will need time to adjust to this newly found knowledge and energy. In some ways, it is a slowly dawning process, a stepping back and observing again with new eyes and new ears. Trying to explain the experience to one's friends and family is impossible. It is a special magical gift for you, just for you. Of course, as you change and shift, everything around you does in time, too. But the operative word is in time. Entering into soul retrieval is a very deeply personal longing for a more whole, healed and complete life within one's being. The willingness to surrender, trust, and express gratitude and to allow oneself to rest in divine love opens the floodgates to an illuminated mind, an awakened heart and a realized soul. With just a little help, the journey begins easily & beautifully and continues as long as we so desire.

In ancient tribal cultures, when a warrior returned to the tribe, the people greeted him and welcomed him home. Then the shaman immediately took the warrior into the sacred ceremony for soul retrieval. The warrior was not permitted to mix or mingle with his family or friends until the ceremony was completed.

With so many of our own soldiers/warriors returning home, could we be so mindful, helpful and compassionate? Of course, we cannot give what we do not have. Perhaps all of America could benefit from reclaiming their souls. Everyone wants a balanced and harmonious life, and the peace that we want on the outside, begins on the inside. Our inside.