Ear-Candle Coning History and Techniques

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT

From antiquity, the ear-candle-coning process was used in every indigenous culture in the world including India, China, Tibet, Aztec, Maya, Egypt and the European cultures. In ancient days, cones consisted of hollow reeds from swamp areas. Some information leads us to believe this remedy was used for purification prior to initiation rites, as well as for healing, cleansing and re-balancing.

Ear-candle cones consist of muslin dipped in paraffin or wax rolled around a wooden doll to dry. One end, neatly tapered to fit, is gently inserted into the ear, while the other end is lit. A paper plate covered with aluminum foil, with a small opening in the middle, protects the ear from the candle's burning end. The candle bums down to approximately four inches from the ear.

The hollow candle/cone's reverse spiral, similar to a vacuum or chimney, creates a seal and the energy necessary to draw out impurities. These may include excess wax, fungus, bacteria, yeast/candida, ear mites, worms and parasites, as well as dirt, and even grass clippings. The coning process also draws out debris such as infection and crystallized protein matter - some due to emotional or physical trauma, as well as subtle energetic disharmonies.

The participant initially feels only the candle being lightly inserted. In time, the person may hear mild crackling, accompanied by a gentle pulling sensation throughout the sinus cavities and down the neck. The softening wax releases a free flow of energy, restoring balance to the head, and equilibrium to the body. The warmth and pull comforts and soothes areas that are painful or in discomfort.

In addition to being soothing, the ear-candle-coning process deeply relaxes the patient; many enter altered states during the procedure. If candle smoke finds its way through the ear canal to the lungs, the candle, laced with lavender, eucalyptus and other herbs, provides a healing and therapeutic sensation.

The procedure is extremely gentle. Some sensitive participants feel a tingling sensation during the relaxing process that extends throughout other parts of their bodies, even to the tips of their toes.

Participants vary greatly in age, from infants to elderly. The ear-candle coning has myriad healing responses. Participants report sensory acuity improvements: in vision, taste and smell as well as hearing. Many patients report increased clarity in thinking as well. Ear-candle-coning brings relief and can even prevent the need for ear tubes in children with sinus problems. Participants, at times in as few as three to four sessions, have even been able to forgo hearing devices.