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Looking for a natural way to boost your energy levels and improve your overall health? Cold immersion and boosting your glutathione may be the answer.

The benefits of cold immersion and how it can help boost the body's natural production of antioxidant enzymes like glutathione. Simultaneously, cold immersion also reduces oxidative stress. Of course, reducing oxidative stress also reduces cellular aging and increases longevity at the mitochondrial level.

Cold Water Immersion boosts the cardiovascular circulation, which is beneficial for a healthy heart, a strong immune system, well-balanced mental health, and a high level of energy.

What Is Contrast Therapy?

Contrast bath therapy, sometimes called contrast bath therapy, involves alternating heat exposure with cold exposure using water. This practice has risen in popularity for the numerous body and brain benefits. Alternating hot and cold exposure can be achieved in two primary ways, one using only water and another using a hot sauna before cold water immersion.

Contrast bath therapy is a recovery intervention that produces rapid changes in your circulatory system by triggering increased blood circulation. This is achieved by transitioning between hot and cold water. An essential principle is always starting with heat therapy first and ending with cold therapy.

When you submerge part or all of your body in cold water, it induces the small blood vessels called capillaries to get smaller, a process called vasoconstriction.

Immersing yourself in warm water creates the opposite effect in the circulatory system, causing the blood vessels to rapidly open up, a process known as vasodilation.

Alternating hot and cold water temperatures also cause fluctuations in heart rate. In general, cold water immersion causes the heart rate to speed up and hot water causes it to slow down.

Beyond the cardio benefits, what other health benefits can come from contrast bath therapy?

Improved Blood Circulation With Contrast Baths

By cycling between hot and cold environments, your body naturally increases blood flow by the pumping action caused by alternating between constriction and dilation of blood vessels. This pumping action improves vascular and cardiac response and overall health.

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