Negative Ions Create Positive Health Ionic Foot Baths

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT and Frank LeBeau

Negative ions are good for you. They are found in abundance in such naturally pleasant places as waterfalls, the seashore and rainstorms. They are created by the action of water hitting the land. Negative ions are simply water molecules that break apart and take on a negative electrical charge. They promote good health as evidenced by the good feelings people have around such natural bodies of water. There is a scientific explanation as to why the ocean air is so healthy for you.

Our world is comprised of physical substances that interact. One way they do so is through the natural affinity they have for each other based on their electro-chemical charges. When the atoms that make up a substance such as table salt (sodium chloride) gain or lose an electron, they take on a chemical charge. Sodium has a positive charge, and chloride has a negative charge. Like magnets the two attract and form a molecule of sodium chloride or salt. This ability of substances with opposite charges to attract can help us achieve greater health.

Negative ions are used in air filtration systems for home and industry. Because most pollutants have a positive charge, the negative ions produced by the air filtration device bind to and screen out these harmful substances, leaving fresh clean air reminiscent of a day at the beach. Healthy negative ions can also be generated in water to pull harmful chemicals and toxins out of the body.

The best way to accomplish this is to soak your feet in a tub of warm water filled with negative ions. The negative ions pull the positively-charged toxins out of the body through the very large pores found on the skin of the feet. Coincidentally, the largest sweat glands in the body are located in the feet. It is as if nature has equipped us with a mechanism for detoxifying through the feet where gravity causes harmful substances to settle and accumulate.

According to the Chinese model of medicine, the meridians along which Chi or life-energy flows, terminate in the feet. Experiments, which use radioactive markers, have shown that toxins follow these meridian pathways (routes that don’t follow anatomical structures such as nerves or blood vessels) and exit at these points in the feet. Laboratory tests prove that toxins such as heavy metals are pulled out of the body because they are present in the water after an Ionic Foot Bath treatment.

Environmental toxins that settle in the tissues of the body create an acidic condition that compromises health. If these acids accumulate, they cause disease and degeneration. When water from an ocean wave splashes on the shore, some of the water molecules become negative ions. These ions are alkaline, and like Alka Seltzer neutralizes stomach acids, they cancel out the harmful effects of acid wastes in the body.

The Ionic Foot Bath produces these same alkaline negative ions that are produced by nature. A low amperage electrical current breaks water molecules down into negative hydrogen and negative oxygen ions. When a person soaks his or her feet in the foot bath, their body absorbs some of these ions, and they in turn neutralize the harmful acids that are trapped in the tissues.

Removing these toxins naturally improves one’s health and creates a sense of well-being. People who use the Ionic Foot Bath report an alleviation of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, joint pain, stiffness, cold hands and feet, swelling, allergic reactions, memory loss, mental confusion, attention deficit, insomnia and stress. One feels naturally refreshed after such an internal cleansing, often more energetic, mentally clearer and freer of pain.

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