Detoxification of Heavy Metals Achieved by Far-Infrared Sauna (Detox 1)

By Kathleen Christ, LMT, NCMBT

Every day our environment becomes more contaminated with toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium. These chemicals are found in food additives, pesticides, paints, dental materials and cosmetics. They are released as industrial waste products such as in the smoke from coal-burning power plants. They pollute our air, water and soil, and when we breathe or ingest enough of them, they cause serious illness.

Uranium is another heavy metal which is poisonous to the body. A particular form of it, known as "depleted uranium" or DU, is being used in military weapons by our forces fighting overseas. This uranium has not been thoroughly depleted of its most dangerous property. It still contains low levels of radioactivity. When fired, DU munitions disintegrate into an extremely fine, toxic dust that easily invades the body and causes disease. All the people in the Middle East, including our own troops who are exposed to this dust, are susceptible to getting sick.

Legions of returning Viet Nam War veterans were made ill by their exposure to the dioxin-laden defoliant Agent Orange. Thousands of Gulf War veterans returned home in 1991 plagued with the mysterious disease known as Gulf War Syndrome. This conflict was the first time our military used DU weapons. Were our soldiers who served there made ill by depleted uranium? How do we assist those now returning from Iraq or Afghanistan who show similar symptoms? How does anyone rid his or her body of such toxic heavy metals?

There are various diets, supplements and therapies that can rid the body of heavy metals, even radioactive uranium. Perhaps the most effective means, though, are saunas and sweat lodges which have for thousands of years assisted people in healing by removing toxins through the pores in the skin.

The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, created a detoxification program for helping drug addicts that included vitamin/mineral supplementation, light aerobic exercise and extensive use of saunas. The Environmental Protection Agency determined that this same program was effective in helping Chernobyl victims detoxify from radiation poisoning.

Far-infrared saunas use safe, low-frequency radiant heat to induce a deeper detoxification than other saunas. Infrared heat is the kind of natural warmth felt when sunlight penetrates a window and warms a room. Eighty percent of the sun's radiant energy is in the infrared band. The heat produced by far-infrared saunas vibrates slightly lower on the electromagnetic spectrum than visible red rays. It resonates at an average wavelength of 9 to10 microns which matches the frequency produced by the body's cells. This resonance allows almost 90% of the far-infrared rays to be absorbed and to penetrate up to an inch and a half into the body. Unlike conventional saunas that must first heat the surrounding air to a temperature of 180-230 degrees to induce sweating, far-infrared saunas generate a radiant heat that warms the body directly, so they are effective at much lower temperatures of 110-140 degrees. They are safer, more comfortable to use, and less costly to operate.

Far-infrared saunas release toxins that are stored in the fat cells and then eliminated through sweat. They produce two to three times more perspiration than conventional saunas. Far-infrared saunas have the ability to remove heavy metals and radioactive substances, as well as other environmental poisons such as pesticides. When using saunas for detoxification, however, it is important to replace health promoting minerals lost through sweating and to take antioxidant supplements, such as Vitamin C, to neutralize the effects of released toxins.

The deeper penetrating heat of far-infrared promotes other health benefits too. It reduces stress by relaxing muscles and elevating mood. It burns calories and increases circulation, having a positive cardiovascular effect equivalent to swimming or jogging. The heat also stimulates the immune system to produce more white blood cells and T-cells and the endocrine system to raise levels of Human Growth Hormone. The heat also relieves pain in muscles and joints, especially in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.

Thorough detoxification of heavy metals and radioactive substances can be accomplished by carefully following a proper regimen. Using a far-infrared sauna to eliminate these toxins is perhaps the safest way to eliminate them quickly.